the Drawings.

Welcome to .the Drawings.

Pen and Pencil Works will be featured on this page. Enjoy! (:



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  1. Hi xy!

    hope you don’t mind me invading the pristine beauty of your blog with my rambling comments :)I just wanted to let you know that I totally love your drawings. You’re a very talented person. Like I said, I couldn;t draw something half as good TO SAVE MY LIFE. Keep drawing/producing great artworks!:D


    PS. Notify me when you add new drawings / pics k?

  2. I LOVE THESE!!!! I really like drawing and I’m pretty good at it, except I’m only 11 so no one takes me seriously. Still, I couldn’t draw anything like these. The one in the middle, is it a griffin? I’ve taken it as kind of a hobby to draw mythical creatures, and I really like yours. Pegasus is neat! I love how you drew his head! Will you draw another winged fox for me?

  3. Hi i love these I love the hourses because I love hourses could you draw another hourse please and I want be be an artist whenim older im nearly 12 But I spent most of my free time drawing. I like any animals….
    Will you please draw me a pichure of an animal

  4. nice

  5. Landed upon your site at 3am in the morning, looking for wolf paper crafts. Just wanted to say, really beautiful traditional drawings of animals, amazing technique, love the Bald Eagle Stippling with pen dots.

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