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Hi everyone! I will be moving this ARTBlog to a shiny new home at! I am moving the old works from this blog over, and will be updating from there onwards. See you there! 🙂

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Here’s the BIG REASON why you should comment on my ARTBlog…


As a reward to my friends and fellow AEPians for commenting on my ARTBlog, you name will be honoured in my exclusive HALL OF FAME!! (*APPLAUSE*) (:

AEPians Category:

Top Commenter–NILYAVE with 4 Comments!
First Runner Ups–LENY and HUIKIN with 3 Comments each!

Consolations–Pikachew, Jing Ying, Sam, Jing2 and Theresa with 2 Comments each!

Anonymous Viewers Category:

And we have great comments from anonymous viewers: Irreverently and CGS!!

*Click to see their take on the Damien Hirst controversy!

Special Mentions:

Mr Lim KB, Hungrybear, SherXr, Emma, Mrs T Wong, Mrs Johnston, Minnie, tw.Ah.C

Hahaha… hope you all now know why constructive comments are a GOOD thing!! (:

Art done during Hospital Stay

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Harpy Eagle done in Chinese Ink on Rice paper

Sitting Buzzard Made with Terracotta

Special Thanks to Hwee Hwee for the photos and *everything else*~ (;

‘Run-n-Jump XY’© Zoetrope

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We were given the option of making a zoetrope for extra credit marks for our Biology worksheet 3.2, so I made my own design– featuring Me! Goes to show how egoistic I am, har har! (:

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