Teachers’ Day Portraits 02-[Ms Tan]

August 30, 2008 at 2:43 pm | Posted in Drawings, Portraits | 4 Comments

Here’s Teachers’ Day Portrait Number Two! I will be posting only ONE portrait a day, just to keep you COMING BACK to this awesome blog. Haha!! >: D

Happy Teachers’ Day, Ms Tan (:



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  1. this really looks like her!!! 😀
    so cool!!! especially the expressions of her eyes!! I like the mrs chew and mrs soh one too! bet the teachers liked these! such unique great presents!

  2. Hey, I would like to comment on the series of teacher’s day portraits that you have done (and since I am lazy to comment one by one, I will do a general one here >.<). This is the first time I see anyone from AEP class to do a caricature… Go! You adventurous girl! XD

    Is this the first time that you are doing a caricature? If it is, you have done a wonderful job. Most of your portraits capture the facial features and the usual expression of the teachers well. I think you are particularly successful in drawing Mrs DVS (that characteristic smile, the face shape and even the angle of the face is so like her).

    One area that you can improve on, in my opinion, is the way you draw the eyes. In some of the portraits, eg. Mrs Chew’s portrait, the eyes are placed in a rather awkward position (or is it intentional?) Also, if I were you, I’d exaggerate a lot more on certain characteristics (for example, I’d make Mrs Chew’s rosy cheeks really rosy and prominent) and simplify others. But since you said you are using your “cartoonic style of resemblance” its okay. Keep on creating, my friend! ^__^V

  3. Yes, ZY! I agree with you! I’m not happy with my drawing of Mrs Chew and I knew her eyes looked a bit too ‘close for comfort’ (lol). Hehe but this is my second+ times drawing human portraits (first time was my self portrait in sec 2) so I’m quite proud of them.. (:

    I think Mrs Soh looks cute too! XD

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