SAM: Xu Beihong in Nanyang–[Sketches]

August 12, 2008 at 6:15 pm | Posted in Drawings, Sketches | 2 Comments
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Singapore Art Museum is exhibiting works of Xu Beihong called “Xu Beihong in Nanyang” from 5 April to 17 August 2008. I especially like his Chinese Ink Paintings of Horses, and here are some quick sketches from my visit to SAM with Leny and Jing Ying. They were orginally monochrome (done in black marker pen), but I added just a tint of colour for variation. XP

Sick Horse (1941)

A Pair of Horses (1946)

Standing Horse (1939)

Indian Buffaloes (1942)



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  1. I like your sketch of Standing Horse. Good work.

  2. I feel that your sketches of ‘Indian Buffaloes’ and ‘Standing Horse’ has captured the feel of the painting even though they are just fast sketches. Great use of the varying thickness of the marker pen lines to create realistic modelling. I like the way you used simple lines to draw the features such as the hair and the mane of the buffalo and horse respectively.

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