School Assignment. -[Han Sai Por/Antony Gormley (3)]

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3. Compare and contrast the works by the artists, paying attention to their concerns in art.

The very first observable contrast that comes to mind would be the great difference in the works’ size and scale. Han Sai Por’s “Object C” is made to small dimensions, possibly to imitate the small beauty one would find in nature. Perhaps she wanted to show that beauty in nature is evident even in the smallest things and most overlooked places. On the other hand, Antony Gormley’s “Angel of the North” is created on a massive scale, not only because it serves as a landmark, but also its “interactions” with the environment becomes more obvious on a large scale.

Another difference is that Han Sai Por’s work appears more organic, both in shape and form. This shows her interest in the simplification of nature itself. However, Anthony Gormley’s “Angel of the North” takes on a more physical form, especially with artificial wings and its metallic nature. This presents his interest in the relationship between man and nature, rather than just focusing on nature itself.

The material chosen also brings forth the interests of both artists–granite is a natural substance, whereas metal, which Anthony Gormley has chosen, brings a strong, heavy augmented and industrial feel to his work.

Both artworks, however, focus on simplifying the shape and form, omitting unneccesary details. For Han Sai Por’s “Object C”, this method of simplification apparently accentuates the simplistic beauty of nature, whilst in Anthony Gormley’s “Angel of the North”, it removes any distinguishing personal features, thus the artwork’s statement on men in general, rather than personal. Both artworks also have an undeniable link to nature and the environment. Han Sai Por’s “Object C” strongly resembles an organic object, also showing a relationship to nature. Its form, shape and even material are also linked to natural objects. Anthony Gormley’s “Angel of the North” would appear inorganic at first, but its rusted facade indicates a correlation with the natural environment. As large and as strong the sculpture may be, nature still affects the sculpture, causing it to rust.



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  1. Hi, correct me if i am wrong,

    you only have to compare that two specific work


    their works in general?

  2. When I attempted the question, I assumed that the question asked for the two artworks I had selected to describe previously. (:

  3. The reason why I ask is because both of them has works from small to big. 🙂

    If you haven’t notice, you can spot a few of Han Sai Por’s artworks around Singapore, e.g. at esplanade.

  4. Yes, I do know that Han Sai Por has many larger sculpture series around the world and locally. Whilst Anthony Gormley does create casts of small objects. Thanks for your comments! (:

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