School Assignment.–[Han Sai Por (1)]

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1. Describe one of Han Sai Por’s sculptures.

Object C
1992, 21 x 17 x 79 cm, Medium: Granite

Object C appears as a pod-like shape sculpture, and the sides slightly cave in to form a somewhat canoe-like form. Four round bumps are sculpted out from one side, and resemble seeds in a pod. Three smaller, less obvious bulging curvatures are modelled out from the opposite side. They look more attached and blended in as part of the “pod”. At one end of the sculpture, the two sides meet at a point to become a smooth, pointed end. On the other end of the sculpture, the sides elongate out separately; they do not meet. The side with the larger curvatures ends off somewhat abruptly, with a blunt but smooth end. The other side curves upwards, ending off in a smooth, round end.

The subject matter, though resembling a canoe to some extent, appears abstract. The sculpture is modelled from granite, and although the sculpture has been delicately modelled to be smooth on the surface, the colour is speckled against a sandy beige. Its stoney appearance gives it a solid, dense feel. The shapes appear organic, as though it were a heavily simplified model of a natural object.

[Comments: I really had quite a hard time describing this! There isn’t really much to describe as compared to, say, a painting by Dali. The simpler the artwork, the more difficult to describe! I did as best as I could to write as much as I could see… :p]


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