Timber Wolf Papercraft

February 27, 2008 at 9:15 pm | Posted in Animals, Coursework, Papercraft | 14 Comments

This is PROOF to Mr Gan that I have been spending my AEP hours fruitfully, and here it is: The Wolf Papercraft, courtesy of Canon. (:



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  1. Whoa! This dog is really cool! You must have put a lot of effot into making it!

    The curves, the folds and everything gave the dog life and energy… It’s color reminds me of snow.

    Haha is the background your sketchbook?

    • Is a Wolf, idiot!!!!

  2. Yup I used my sketchbook as a backdrop… I just wanted a dark background to bring out the wolf’s colours.

  3. oh my god.. this looks awesome.. ^^ soo cool… could you make some tutorial or something please.. =)


  5. Howto

  6. what notebook is this?

  7. Please tell me what the sketch book IS

    • Hi Don, sorry I don’t understand your question..what sketch book are you referring to?

  8. Hey I think that is a great wolf and I love wolves so much and if u could sent me steps in pic. Form so I could make it 2 i would loooooove that!

    THANK YOU!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!

  9. can you leave a download link so that i can make this, please?

  10. its very great art .
    i never see its before.good

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