Moonlit Night.

January 13, 2008 at 12:37 pm | Posted in Digital Graphics | 6 Comments
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I played around with Photoshop again, focusing on Fantasy. (my theme according to Artist Statement) I tried a more semi-realistic approach with digital painting as opposed to last post’s cell-shading style. I’m quite proud of the dead tree which I made a custom brush from a photo reference! I hope to create an even more realistic look in my next digital painting.


Here is a slideshow of the art process! (:



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    Your artwork is all so good and coolio and IT-savvy but also got those colour pencil ones that are damn cool damn nice!
    (Am I talking gibberish?)
    I am sooooo intimidated by you lah, Xinyan! ARGH! Cant stand it! >.<

    ANYWAY. Hem hem. Shall say serious stuffy now.
    I like the way you did the shadows, especially for the other erm… cliff where the tree is! 😀
    The dragon is also very well done! Especially considering that you used photoshop! D: Bceause I personally find it very hard to draw realistically with photoshop ):
    Anywawy the only thing I don’t really like is that the cliff (?) looks a bit shiny/white. Like limestone. Hahaha.
    (btw I hope I’m making sense. heh)

  2. Hiyo Hui Kin! Haha I don’t mind your style of commenting because it’s not pretentious… It’s so YOU!! (:

    Anyway I didn’t like the cliff too. Didn’t know how to make it look more ‘rocky’ and realistic, so I just misted it up. Haha.. :p

  3. yoyo xinyan!

    i know i can never achieve that effect haha.
    anyway, why dont you consider adding another colour in addition to grey for the cliff?

    i wonder if it’s just me but the dragon looks sad..staring at the far away tree..( gosh i like that tree!) and a bit stretched. (?)


  4. HELO!
    this is sooooo IMPRESSIVE. i really love the blending and modelling in the dragon and sky, it’s so fantastic. you’re definitely a talented digital painter 🙂

  5. I like the clouds! They are so pretty, so romantic. (Haha, is it applicable in this case?) And the moon is really very natural-looking- bright and misty… cool! But the water seems a bit, ummm, cloudy- is the reflection of the cliff supposed to be blurred? U can try to make it slightly sharper? The cliff looks spongy. Maybe more highlights? The dragon is really well drawn- nice modelling of the shape of dragon with the use of the moonlight! Overall, great job and hope to see more pretty pictures!

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